Fedora 12 release party 2

Yesterday was the Fedora 12 release party in Antwerp (Belgium). It was held at the Don Bosco school which had a good infrastructure for this event. A nice room, drinks, food, network, … So, thanks to them for providing this in their spare time !

I came a little earlier because I needed to setup a pxe server so people could get Fedora 12 installed on their machines if they wanted. After a while more people showed up (thanks Kris for being on time :) ) to listen to Bert and Bart’s talk about the new Fedora and the Fedora community here in Belgium.

Later on Martin Langhoff from the OLPC project came in to talk a little about the OLPC, which I think is nice little device and has some cool features for the kids to play with.

This was the first Fedora Release party here and all in all it was a nice event and I hope we can do this on a regular basis so we can make the Belgium Fedora community grow.