Linux Open Administration Days

Loadays has ended and I found it was good.

During the week of LOAD we did the wireless network setup using Linksys WRT/WAP54* devices. We actually expected problems, but beyond some little hickups the wireless worked quite well (Gryp’s megamachine had probably something to do with it :) ).

On Saterday we setup the projectors and power outlets so the event could start. After some time the first speakers showed up for breakfast provided by the school where LOAD took place.

Saturday evening we had a pizza party with a big pile of pizza’s and some beers

I didn’t have a real schedule planned but I attended some talks like FusionInventory, Large MySQL setups, Bacula, Observer, Selinux. I skipped most of the configuration management tools, but attended the last part of the puppet talk which was quite speedy :).

There was only one talk that needed to be cancelled, Pieter Colpaert couldn’t make it because of a train crash.

From the comments we got from people it seems that they would like to see a second edition of LOAD which is a good thing..

All in all things went well and I would like to thank some people.

First of all the people from the school who came working during their weekend and provided a lot of stuff like internet access, infrastructure, food, drinks…

Then the people who joined the crew the last few days. Tosh for arranging the hotel, dim0 for doing the taxi part and Gh0sty for helping out with infrastructure and stuff.

And of course the other people who helped organizing LOAD, speakers and visitors.

If i forgot someone please forgive me…