Fedora 13 Release Party @ hackerspace Ghent

This time the Fedora 13 Release Party took place in the Hackerspace in Ghent, called WhiteSpace. As i arrived in the street where the Hackerspace is located i noticed someone who was also at the previous Release party.

A few minutes later biertie arrived with a big Fedora banner and signs to hang up so people would find their way to the HackerSpace (quite handy since the venue was like a small labyrinth).

Next thing was putting the PXE boot server i prepared in place so people could install Fedora 13 on their machine. After PXE booting some laptops to see if it stil worked we were good to go. Bert also created USB sticks with Fedora for some people.

The last day of Puppet Camp Europe was also taking place in Ghent and a lot of people came over to the Fedora Release Party and the HackerSpace became quite crowded.

bert ordered pizza’s with the Fedora budget he had so we wouldn’t starve. Drinks were provided by the HackerSpace for for very reasonable prices. Club Mate anyone?

After the food bert gave a quick presentation about the new stuff in Fedora 13. Dag Wieers also showed up and was aked to give a lightening talk about dstat . In the end his talk lasted more than one hour. He showed us a nice demo of Dstat’s features and talked with real passion about it, so thanks for your talk Dag!

After all this it was time for some chit chat….

Thanks everyone for being there and see you all at the next Release Party!

Ow yeah, thanks Kris for bringing me a Puppet Camp T-Shirt! I would also like to thank the people from HackerSpace Ghent for using their infrastructure to host the event. If you’re a geek living near Ghent, join them!

I’ve seen people take pictures, so if you read this put links to them in the comments please…thanks.