R.I.P. Remco 21 Mar 2010 Our Rottweiler passed away a few weeks ago. So I’m posting this as a way to remember him.Remco, you’ll be missed. I’m sure they’ve spaghetti sauce in dog heaven.
My blog is running on Drupal 11 Feb 2010 I moved my Wordpress Blog to Drupal. Not that Wordpress is bad, but I’ve to create some websites and I’m planning on using Drupal for them. So this is a good way to get the hang of it.
Event advertisement 24 Jan 2010 I made some advertisement @work.
Dust cleaning on Thinkpad 15 Jan 2010 Fan started to make some strange noises. After some dust removing all is fine agian.
Routed Xen setup 13 Jan 2010 Yesterday i needed to setup a Xen machine where only the MAC address of the host (dom0) was allowed by the firewall. Because of this, a bridged setup could not be used since all domU’s will be using their own MAC address. So i needed a routed setup instead. That way the host (dom0) will be used as a “router” for the domU’s and the firewall would only see the MAC of the dom0 host when communicating. ...
LOAD logo 23 Dec 2009 I created a logo for the LOAD event. This is what i have for now, but I’ll probably make some other designs to. If you’ve comments or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to put them here.
F13 : I voted 30 Nov 2009 I voted for Gloriana.
Fedora 12 release party 2 29 Nov 2009 Yesterday was the Fedora 12 release party in Antwerp (Belgium). It was held at the Don Bosco school which had a good infrastructure for this event. A nice room, drinks, food, network, … So, thanks to them for providing this in their spare time ! I came a little earlier because I needed to setup a pxe server so people could get Fedora 12 installed on their machines if they wanted. ...
Fedora 12 Release Party 1 18 Nov 2009 Fedora 12 has been released, and for this there’s a release party being held (probably the first Fedora release party in Belgium). This will be a relative small event where the focus lies on getting together. You’ll also have the opportunity to install Fedora 12 on your machine. More info on the Fedora Wiki.
RHEL SSL certificate error 30 Oct 2009 Yesterday i had a machine that wouldn’t register with the red Hat network. It gave me the following error : “The SSL certificate failed verification”. After some searching i noticed that the machine was still living in 2001, so all i had to do was set the time right.